To order, contact Heather with measurements at [email protected] or call/text 859 552 5983.

Customers are given a two-week trial period before final purchase of an item.

We collect credit card information as follows; number, expiration date, and three-digit code. Initially the customer is charged only for shipping and handling until they decide whether or not to keep the item. If the customer decides to keep the item a final charge will be made on the credit card, if not they are expected to return it within two weeks.

After this trial period is up and we have not had any contact from the customer we will attempt contact twice. If we still have not heard back, we will charge the customer's card.

Any item that has been worn (for more than trial purposes) or damaged and has been returned during the two-week period becomes the property of the customer in possession. We will charge credit card on hand if we become aware of any instance of extended use. Any attempt at resell during this period will also result in the full charge of the item.

It is possible to skip two-week trial period and make full payment up front for an item.

Items may be returned within two-weeks of purchase with with receipt, tags still attached, and in the condition in which it was received.